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Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation.

Recovery after a motor vehicle accident can be difficult and painful – Get evidence-based physiotherapy intervention from our experts to reduce pain and heal injuries faster.

car accident physio

Heal injuries & recover sooner.

Having trouble with complete recovery after a car crash? Experiencing migraines, chronic pain, reduced range of movement, and other symptoms? You need manual physiotherapy intervention and rehab from Newcastle’s best and most experienced physiotherapists. 

Our Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation program ensures you receive the best, evidence-based treatment and the care you deserve.

At Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy, our therapists understand that every patient is different and needs a different treatment approach to heal injuries and relieve symptoms. Our therapists will perform a thorough assessment and examination of your injuries to give you the best treatment and care. 

Whether you have suffered an accident recently or need help with your long-standing injuries and symptoms, we can help you recover and get back on the road. 

Why Do You Need Physiotherapy For Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy intervention after a motor vehicle accident can assist with quick and proper healing, preventing harmful effects like chronic pain and migraines. 

After an accident, you may experience fatigue, headaches, stiffness, and reduced range of movement, taking you away from normal life. Some symptoms appear over time and can be painful. Receiving timely physiotherapy care will help relieve discomfort and heal your injuries faster. It will also help prevent long-term symptoms.




Reduced Range of Menvement

Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy is a trusted physiotherapy care provider in the Adamstown, Newcastle area. Our therapists have the experience and the expertise to offer the best advice on rehab and can give you an expected time frame to achieve the normal level of function you had before the accident. We offer a complete supervised rehab program that provides evidence-based manual physiotherapy intervention to get you back on the road.

Make your recovery after a car accident comfortable and get back on the road with full function.