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Workers Compensation.

Suffered acute and chronic injuries at work, leaving you immobile and taking time off? Claim Worker’s Compensation and rehabilitate with Newcastle’s most experienced physiotherapists

Recover quickly & get back to work.

If you have suffered acute and chronic injuries in a workplace accident, the expert physiotherapists at Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy can assist with your quick recovery. 

We offer a complete rehabilitation program that helps reduce pain, restore strength and mobility, and get back to work and perform your previous duties. We give the most advanced, evidence-based physiotherapy treatment to help you return to a pain-free life and enjoy every bit of it. 

At Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy, we accept all Worker’s Compensation Claims. Our therapists are highly-experienced and professionally trained in managing patients with worker’s compensation. We have strong relationships with the case managers at the top insurance companies and most GPs in the Newcastle and Hunter region, and we strive to make the process hassle-free for you.

How Do Worker’s Compensation Claims Work?

If you seek physiotherapy services after a workplace accident, report your incident at work and submit a worker’s compensation claim, get a physiotherapy referral from your GP, and share with us the claim number given by your insurance company. Your physiotherapy will commence; it’s as simple as that!

Increasing muscle strength & tone

Reducing your pain levels

Increase work hours & tasks

Returning to work with less chance of re-injury

Giving you strategies to cope with being off work

Our physiotherapists will perform your full physical assessment and offer excellent advice, guidance, and injury management to help you achieve quick and optimal recovery. Your treatment plan may include various manual therapies and a complete rehabilitation program to restore full function and mobility. Our physiotherapy experts will give you the most advanced evidence-based treatment, ensuring you get the best care possible.

Claim Your Worker’s Compensation now.

Let our physiotherapists help you get life back to normal.