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Vestibular Therapy.

Are Dizziness, Migraines, Vertigo, Frequent Falls Affecting Your Life? Seek Vestibular Therapy from our team of professional physiotherapists.

Deal with dizziness, migraines & imbalance.

While dizziness is a common condition, especially in the elderly, and many people see a physician for treatment, it can point to a bigger mechanical problem including an inner ear disorder, a neck dysfunction, or even a brain issue. 

If your symptoms include migraines, vertigo (a sensation that the surrounding environment is spinning or moving), disorientation, and frequent falls due to imbalance, your Vestibular System could be malfunctioning. 

At Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy, our physiotherapy experts can help mitigate the problem and the associated risk through Vestibular Therapy. Our therapists will take a thorough history and perform an in-depth assessment to ensure that the appropriate treatment is provided. Some cases of vestibular dysfunction may be treated conservatively and effectively within a few sessions. We have the expertise and the experience to provide effective treatment intervention, and you can count on us for getting back to a normal life. 

What Is Vestibular Therapy?

Vestibular Therapy or Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy is a treatment program that uses different exercises to promote vestibular adaptation and substitution. The therapy aims to improve gaze stability, enhance vertigo, improve postural stability, and get you better at everyday activities. Generally, it uses a progressive exercise program and/or manual head maneuvers to achieve these goals. 

Our team at Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy will thoroughly assess your condition, provide appropriate treatment, and once the vestibular dysfunction has been remedied, prescribe a home exercise program to gradually improve and restore your balance and return to normal life. 

In most cases, all you need is vestibular rehabilitation therapy. However, in other cases, the therapy is used only as part of your pre-surgery or post-surgery treatment plan. Our physiotherapy specialists often recommend you should continue performing the prescribed exercises to significantly reduce dizziness and balance problems. In fact, they may even completely disappear in some cases.

Meet Our Vestibular Expert.

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