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Build Core Strength, Improve Postural Alignment and Flexibility, Train at our State-of-the-Art Pilates Studio

Improve strength, posture & flexibility.

At Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy, we provide you with the best facilities at our high-end Pilates Studio where you can train under the supervision of our professionally-trained and experienced physiotherapists. 

Get expert advice on how to perform various prescribed exercises and effectively build core strength, improve postural alignment and flexibility, and rehabilitate better after physiotherapy treatment. Your Pilates sessions will be more effective than ever under our physiotherapy experts.

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a prescribed movement method taught by health professionals to patients with specific needs, and aims to improve muscle strength deficits or postural imbalances. 

With a focus on using the deep trunk muscles to stabilize the trunk while performing movement exercise sequences, the Pilates exercises are designed to give you better functional control with all your day-to-day activities. Patients are also prescribed rehabilitation Pilates specific to their individual needs. It is a perfect progression after physiotherapy treatment.

Backs and Necks

Pregnancy & Post-Natal

Strength & Conditioning


Work with the expert physiotherapists at our state-of-the-art Gym/Pilates Studio for rehabilitation and supervised exercise sessions. Our physiotherapists will perform a one-on-one assessment before the session and guide you with the right exercises and techniques to achieve the desired outcomes. 

Build muscular strength, improve general movement, and rehabilitate better under the guided-supervision of Newcastle’s best physiotherapists.

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