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Surgery Rehabilitation.

Preparing for major surgery is equally important as post-operative rehabilitation – Be a part of our Surgery Rehabilitation Program for a less painful and proper recovery.

Ensure a complete recovery.

Surgery rehabilitation is often painful and you risk losing your strength, mobility, and range of movement if you take rehabilitation casually and don’t prepare well for complete recovery.

At Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy, our expert physiotherapists work closely with your Orthopedic Specialist to provide regular progress reports on how you are progressing with your rehabilitation. This means that we have a thorough understanding of the post-surgical protocols of your surgeon and can ensure quick healing and less painful recovery while professionally mitigating the risks.

Why Is Surgery Rehabilitation So Important?

The ultimate goal of a surgery rehabilitation program is to help you heal better, recover faster, and get the desired outcomes from the surgery. 

A well-designed pre-operative rehab program improves the recovery process, decreases recovery time, enables you to reach your goals, and improves pain and comfort levels after surgery. It also helps optimise strength gains and range of movement following the surgery. 

Similarly, it’s a post-operative rehabilitation best practice to receive post-operative physiotherapy care from expert and highly-trained therapists to improve pain, mobility, range of movement, balance, and strength after surgery. 

Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy has well-established relationships with some of the leading Orthopedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine Physicians, and Rheumatologists in the Newcastle and Central Coast regions. Our Surgery Rehabilitation Program is tailored to promote faster and more comfortable rehabilitation after a range of major surgeries.

Some of the surgeries we have extensive experience with include:

Rotator cuff repairs

Shoulder Surgery

Knee and ankle reconstructions

such as ACL reconstruction

Spinal surgery

Total joint replacements

Our tailor-made rehab program includes both pre-operative and post-operative rehabilitation, where our professional physiotherapists help make your recovery process comfortable and optimised for the best outcomes. When you are part of our Surgery Rehabilitation Program, rest assured our physiotherapists will take good care of you and follow all rehabilitation best practices.

Make Your Surgery Rehab Comfortable and Successful.